Transform your Dog or Cat into a Strong Pet with Healthy Skin, Eyes, Brain, and Heart

Marine Phytoplankton Vegetarian Powder
for Dogs & Cats 


Here is a short clip of Louis (pronounced Louie) our Corgi enjoying his Mr. Ros Marine phytoplankton.Louis gets a “pinch” 1 /16 tsp twice a day in his food.

Mary and Greg Shaw & Louis


Patience the Mr Ros Marine Phytoplankton Tricks Dog!!!


Hi Gijs,

 I’ve been feeding your product to my 10 year old sheltie for at least FIVE years. Great product and I know he’s getting the minerals needed in his raw diet by using it.

 Thanks,Renee and Rio 



 Here they are. Her coat is good and I am hoping the Phytoplankton is helping her as we are close to finishing our 4th bag from you. I will continue giving her (at night as per your instructions in one dose).



High energy

Here are a couple pictures of our three high energy dogs that are currently on your Phytoplankton for Dogs. 


Liam O'Neill



Attached is a picture and video of Sukuu. He is with Search and Rescue; the video is of him on a training exercise to keep his skills sharp. He has been on Marine Phytoplankton since he was three months old. We believe his coat is so shiny (picture) because of the Marine Phytoplankton. 


High energy

Hi there, 

 I've attached the youtube video of one of my 2 border collies doing an agility run at home. Spice, in the video, is 10 1/2 yrs old, and running really well. She has shown marked improvement in her agility as she's aged, which I attribute to reduced inflammation, thanks to your phytoplankton.I switched both Spice and my other border collie, Guinness, (3 yrs old) from salmon oil to the marine phytoplankton about a year ago.I've also attached a photo of my younger dog, Guinness, in agility weave poles, who has the most beautiful coat. People have commented that he looks like he should be in a [popular human hair shampoo] commercial known for providing a wonderful sheen because of his shiny healthy coat. Again, I attribute it to your phytoplankton. 

 I love the Marine Phytoplankton!

Marine Phytoplankton

Look at what a healthy meal with Marine Phytoplankton looks like
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