Mr Start: Marine Phytoplankton Powder for Pets & Marine Phyto Capsules for Humans

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Introducing the Mr Start Starter Kit!

Embark on a journey towards optimal health and well-being with our exclusive bundle, carefully curated to meet the needs of both you and your beloved pets. The Mr Start Starter Kit combines the power of Nannochloropsis powder for animals and capsules for humans, offering a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Experience the benefits of this synergistic duo as you and your furry friends thrive together. Packed with essential nutrients, our premium Nannochloropsis products are designed to support immune function, enhance vitality, and promote overall wellness.

Unlock a world of vitality with the Mr Start Starter Kit. Start your wellness journey today and discover the transformative power of Nannochloropsis.


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Why Marine Phytoplankton?

With our sustainably farmed phytoplankton exceptionally high in nutrition and vegetarian omega 3 for pets, you may transform your cat or dog into a robust pet with healthy skin, eyes, brain, and heart; nurture them with a shiny and glossy coat and improve their immune system!

Feeding sizes

Small Dog

1/16 teaspoon = 0.33 gram
180 servings =3 months supply
$0.22 per serving

Medium sized dog

¼ teaspoon = 0.50 gram
120 servings= 2 months
$0.33 per serving

Large Dog

½ teaspoon = 1 gram
60 servings = 1 month
$0.67 per serving