Mr Ros Marine Phytoplankton Supplement Capsules –– Specially Made for Labradors––Dietary Supplement for Dogs – Nutrient Rich Natural Phytoplankton Supplement with Phycocyanin – 2-Month’s Supply Pack

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  • ★ [EXTENSIVE HEALTHY BENEFITS] – Introducing the ultimate marine phytoplankton with Phycocyanin for your beloved Labrador. Your Labrador can now enjoy increased energy, stamina, better memory, concentration, improved mobility support, joint health, healthy organ function, better digestion, and a shiny lush coat and skin with this phytoplankton supplement for dogs.
  • ★ [WHOLESOME NUTRITION] – Packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, long chains, EPH, DHA, nucleic acids, and many more vitamins and minerals, Mr Ros marine phytoplankton supplement for dogs is sure to fulfill the nutrient requirements of your furry friend. Mr Ros Marine phytoplankton supplement is a benchmark product in its category!
  • ★ [DIETARY SUPPLEMENT FOR LABRADORS] – These marine phytoplankton supplement capsules have been formulated especially for Labradors, featuring optimal concentrations of protein, fat, fiber, and EPA, with added Phycocyanin to give your dog the full spectrum of benefits, meaning it contains all essential nutrients/vitamins for keeping your dog healthy and happy!
  • ★ [ALL-NATURAL PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS] – Made from the finest natural plant-based components, this dietary supplement for dogs contains 97% phytoplankton & 3% phycocyanin, is free from artificial additives or GMOs, and is 100% safe for your doggo. We ensure that your dog gets as healthy ingredients as you would like to consume yourself – all-natural and free from any harmful substances.
  • ★ [SUPPLY FOR 2MONTHS] – This marine phytoplankton food supplement comes in a pack of 60 (500mg) dietary supplement capsuleswith a recommended dosage of 1 capsule daily. For best results, use this dog dietary supplement without missing a single day.


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As a pet owner in urban spaces, giving your Labrador all the nutrition it may need through the diet will be impossible. Hence, it is vital to supplement the food with a dietary supplement to help compensate for the diet and keep your doggo healthy, active, and energetic.

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This phytoplankton supplement for dogs is full of all the essentials needed to keep your lab healthy and protected from any health issues.

Ensure that your dog has all the necessary nutrition to lead a happy life with our marine phytoplankton supplement for dogs.

Help your fur baby boost their immune health and live a stress-free life while being very active.

By providing the body with the needed elements to function optimally, this dietary supplement will also enhance the memory power, concentration, and trainability of your doggo, making it easier to control and handle them.

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Our marine phytoplankton dietary supplement for dogs contains all the needed essential vitamins and nutrition for your doggo in the proper concentrations.

Proteins, fat, EPA, DHA, nucleic acids, and fiber packed in this supplement are readily available for absorption by the body.

This dietary supplement for dogs is also a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega long chains that are an essential component of your dog’s health.

Why Marine Phytoplankton?

With our sustainably farmed phytoplankton exceptionally high in nutrition and vegetarian omega 3 for pets, you may transform your cat or dog into a robust pet with healthy skin, eyes, brain, and heart; nurture them with a shiny and glossy coat and improve their immune system!

Feeding sizes

Small Dog

1/16 teaspoon = 0.33 gram
180 servings =3 months supply
$0.22 per serving

Medium sized dog

¼ teaspoon = 0.50 gram
120 servings= 2 months
$0.33 per serving

Large Dog

½ teaspoon = 1 gram
60 servings = 1 month
$0.67 per serving